The Toowoomba region provides walkers of all abilities with unique and picturesque walking trails. We’ve listed six local favourites to inspire you to explore the region’s natural treasures. With everything from stunning views from the top of the Great Dividing Range to remote National Parks, there’s a walk for you.

For the full list and information of walks in the region visit the Toowoomba Regional Council website, where you can also download the comprehensive Walks and Trails Booklet. You can also pick up a free hard copy from one of our Visitor Information Centres.

Information about grades

Grade 2 – Formed track. May have gentle hills and some steps. Clearly signposted. No experience required.

Grade 3 – Formed track, some obstacles, 20km or less. May have short steep hills and many steps. Some experience recommended.

Grade 4 – Rough track. May be long and very steep with few directional signs. For experienced bushwalkers.

Picnic Point Circuit

Just a short drive from the city’s CBD, the State heritage-listed parklands provide breathtaking panoramic views eastward to Table Top Mountain and the Lockyer Valley. At night, the glow of Brisbane city lights can be seen from the iconic Picnic Point Lookout, perched high on the crest of the Great Dividing Range.

Keep in mind some of the walks descend and then ascend with approximately 160m in altitude, adding an extra steepness challenge.

Four x Grade 3 trail options ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Crows Nest National Park

Crows Nest National Park protects spectacular creek scenery, granite outcrops, a scenic waterfall and eucalypt forest in the headwaters of Crows Nest Creek on the Great Dividing Range. 60km north of Toowoomba, it provides a beautiful day out.

Few places have such a wonderful variety of eucalypt trees from gums to stringybarks, bloodwoods and ironbarks, delighting the amateur naturalist. The park is a haven for wildlife including platypus, swamp wallabies, echidnas, bandicoots, lace monitors, birds, and the brush-tailed rock-wallaby Petrogale Penicillata, which is vulnerable to extinction in Queensland.

The Bottlebrush and Kauyoo pools provide perfect swimming spots for cooling off on a hot day. For your safety, do not enter the restricted area around Crows Nest falls.

Two x Grade 3 trail options – 45 minutes – 2 hours

One x Grade 3 / 4 trail option – 1 hour

Redwood Park

This massive 243ha bushland park is a feature of Toowoomba. Located on the Great Dividing Range, it is a favourite with local bushwalkers and provides excellent views from many locations throughout. Redwood Park has diverse vegetation which includes grey ironbark and brushbox, river oak, birds nest ferns, orchids, Moreton Bay fig, broomstick wattle, blue gum and grass trees. The eastern section contains approximately 90 hectares of endangered dry rainforest with several endangered plants and animals. Only 5km from the CBD, this area is well worth a visit.

One x Grade 3 trail option – 20 minutes

Four x Grade 4 trail options with steep sections – 40 – 90 minutes

Ravensbourne National Park

Ravensbourne National Park is situated on a spur of the Great Dividing Range between Toowoomba and Esk. It is the best remaining example of the rainforest that originally covered this part of the Great Dividing Range.

Piccabeen palms, ferns, elkhorns and fungi thrive in the cool, moist remnants of rainforest and wet eucalypt forest along the edge of the Great Dividing Range. Evidence suggests the rainforest is slowly overtaking the open forest. Gullies with trickling streams are moist and inviting, while exposed ridges are warm and dry.

An excellent spot for bird watching with spectacular views from the Gus Beutel Lookout, it’s just 50km north east of Toowoomba.

Three x Grade 3 trail options – 15 minutes – 90 minutes

One x Grade 4 trail option – 2 hours

Jubilee Park

If you don’t mind steep hills and love a spectacular view, this is the park for you! Spread across 313ha of bushland, Jubilee Park is one of Toowoomba’s largest parks and is very popular with bush walkers, runners, horse riders and mountain bikers.

Situated below the escarpment between Prince Henry Heights and Mackenzie Street, the area contains the first downhill legal mountain bike track in Queensland and a cross-country loop for mountain biking at the base of the park.

Three x Grade 3 trail options – 20 minutes – 1 hour

Four x Grade 4 trail options – 50 minutes – 3 hours

Highfields Falls

Highfields Falls, a 15-minute drive north of Toowoomba, is a great place to visit for bird watching. There are two one-way walks (Bowerbird and Cuckoo-Dove) and five circuits in this park, all named after birds that live in the area (Yellow Robin, Lorikeet Walking, Rosella, Kingfisher and Golden Whistler).

The walks are relatively short but very pleasant and family-friendly with many photo opportunities. Please leave your pets at home.

Four x Grade 2 trail options– maximum 10 minutes

Two x Grade 3 trail options – maximum 10 minutes

One x Grade 4 trail option – 17 minutes

For personalised service and tips by friendly knowledgeable locals, be sure to drop into one of the local Visitor Information Centres or give them a call.

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