The Toowoomba Region is blessed with many beautiful historic churches, each offering a unique glimpse into the region’s spiritual history. Here are six churches listed on the State Heritage Register you can visit.

St Anne’s Anglican Church, Jondaryan

56 Jondaryan Evanslea Road, Jondaryan – 45km north west of Toowoomba

St Anne’s is the earliest surviving church on the Downs and one of the oldest in Queensland. Jondaryan, run by the Tooths, an important pioneer pastoral family on the Darling Downs, had a ‘village’ for its employees and their families that included this beautiful timber church that was built in 1859.

Read St Anne’s listing on the Queensland State Heritage Register here.

St Luke’s Anglican Church

152 Herries Street, Toowoomba

More than 100 years old, St Luke’s was constructed in stages between 1897 and 1959. It is an unusual example of a bluestone church in Queensland and one of the major works of prominent 19th century ecclesiastical architect, John Hingeston Buckeridge. Take the time to view the beautiful Griffith’s memorial stained glass window.

Learn more about the history of St Luke’s here.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

123 Neil Street, South Toowoomba

This impressive cathedral is a fine example of Victorian Gothic architecture and reflects the continued growth of Toowoomba as well as the Catholic Church between the 1880s and 1930s. The Cathedral stands as one of the most recognizable and most substantial stone buildings in Toowoomba and as such it continues to be a landmark within the Toowoomba townscape.

Learn more about the history of St Patrick’s here.

Wesley Uniting Church

54 Neil Street, Toowoomba

Now a part of the Empire Theatre precinct, this church was originally built in 1977. It houses a rare and fine example of the stained-glass work of the prolific Sydney stained glass manufacturers, Ashwin and Falconer. Now named the Church Theatre, phone ahead to ask to view it as part of an Empire Theatre tour.

Find out about Empire Theatre tours and history here.

St James Church

145 Mort Street, Toowoomba

Built in 1869, St James’ Anglican Church is the oldest church in Toowoomba still standing and in use as a place of worship. The original part of the church is an unusual example of Gothic Revival architecture executed using polychrome brickwork, a common feature of parish churches of this period in England, but quite rare in Queensland.

Learn more about the history of St James here.

All Saints Anglican Church, Yandilla

6942 Gore Highway, Yandilla – 70km south west of Toowoomba

Visit one of the region’s oldest churches and see the graves of the area’s early European settlers. This Gothic influenced timber church was a central part of the pastoral settlement of Yandilla and was built about 1878. Yandilla, established in 1841 by the Gores, an important pioneer pastoral family, originally had a ‘village’ complete with a school and church.

Read All Saints’ listing on the Queensland State Heritage Register here.

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